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SMM 2013: Use of Customer Satisfaction

Annzo Corporation: Social media marketing can be very tactical and crafty at times where you have to come up with more creative ways of increasing interactions with your valued customers. A smart business owner will always keep up his stance in a very professional manner but in a friendly way. You need to follow this rule through social media marketing because unless people don’t see any social in your business page or profile they would more likely decide to skip it. There are plenty of ways of increasing your potentiality in online world by giving ‘value’ and ‘importance’ to your loyal customers. Most of the time it’s noticed that business forsake their consistent regular customer in the aim of making new ones. But they are probably following the wrong path, what needs to the emphasized here is when it comes to online marketing or even marketing as whole, a business organization has to provide services to all potential customers equally with their utmost responsibility. If they fail to do that they would sure lose their former customer but those former customers my advocate negativity about your business which will eventually lead to difficult marketing situation. Most of the time, we notice that successful business owners give high priority to their existing customers and which in turns profit them because those happy customer advocate their services into a community and it’s an easy way of gaining trust as well.

SMM 2013: Use of Customer Satisfaction

By providing incentive to your satisfied customers or clients, you can use them as a ladder to reach to those potential consumers who are out of your reach. There are many ways of making an effective marketing campaign about it:

  • Online surveys:Online surveys are actually very good and can increase a lot of potentiality for your business to enhance over all reputation. If you satisfied customers for instance will rate your services from 0-10 and will give you a better rating then most likely peers of your potential customers will also want to try it out. Social media marketing actually works like a bipolar affect where one person action affects the other person in same manner.
  • Reviews:Reviews are one of the most important local SEO tactics and now a days they are given very higher consideration by local SEO experts. Reviews play a major role in creating a good look for your services and products. Online surfers actually do read reviews and rate your services according them. You need to emphasize your satisfied customers to give you positive reviews in order to increase your social media marketing.
  • Create discussion and interest levels: it’s very important to use those customers who are already following your blog or you fans on Facebook or twitter and engage them into your business services by creative writing. You can ask for suggestions or play quiz to let the winner some free or discounted product from your store. All of these are marketing strategies which can only be implemented with a consistent and competent approach.

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