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No more Anchor Text, Link Building Has New Faces Now

Annzo Corp: Ever since Google has introduced new updates such as Penguin and Panda Updates to filter out the spammy websites or links, there has been huge shift in the setting of search engine optimization techniques. Before times it was much likely easy to pull your website higher by adding tons of Anchor text indicating some common keywords but not anymore. With the change in the algorithm Google now is focusing more on what exactly is being talked more and what brand of business is more popular in a sense that it’s cited more through internet. In the year of 2013 its predicted that this trend would speed up and as Google is changing its trend it’s going to affect more on how much accurate and reliable your source of information is. It’s very important to understand that if your business is not following up with the latest changes and what exactly happening in internet market you would probably end up behind in streaming your website active on SERPs. As Annzo Corporation SEO Company is helping their clients understand the basics of how much it is important to get co-cited and attain this new link building technique by getting more people or resources on internet “interact” with you as a reliable source of information. It’s still simple basic ways of building up your link building by citations and that means that your industry niche is being reference through reliable sources on internet.

No more Anchor Text, Link Building Has New Faces Now annzo

Some Important fact that need to be practiced:

  1. Attain links- not one but countless through a reliable SEO Company’s help such as Annzo Corporation.
  2. Attain links- get linked by the pages that are high ranking pages on SERPs.
  3. Attain links- get linked up by the community or forums that are related to your business or industry’s niche or pages that has similar keywords to yours.
  4. Attain links- Try to get those pages that are practically or physical near your business such as Local pages that are similar to your locations.
  5. Get co-citations- Citations refers to someone for example refers your business name or cite your business link to resourceful sites.
  6. Get cited- getting cited also means that if your brand name is talked more on internet resourceful sites then the good thing about Google algorithm is that it automatically pushes your website higher on SERPs.

Link building no doubt is tougher and more time consuming job but with the ever increase in competition to reach higher on SERPs it’s more understandable why this has become more emphasized aspect. Annzo Corporation SEO experts are always willing to help you on this journey to success and are willing to cooperate in all term of keeping up with the latest trends that are consistently changing for internet marketing. In order to be successful it’s very important to have an expert advice on how you may tackle these errands and come out accomplished from it.
Article source: http://blog.annzocorporation.com


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