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Reason of PR going down

Annzo Corporation: Being one of the most competent Local SEO Company Annzo Corporation understands the basic tool used in successful internet marketing in order to pull your page up on SERPs. Proper PageRank procedures are one of the fundamental demands to carry on in this era and to apply perfectly which Annzo Corporation is keen to assist you with. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, used by Google internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each hyperlink set of webpages such as WWW(World Wide Web).  Its objective is to “measure” the quality of that webpage and its relative importance within the set. It is very keen factor to understand how this algorithm works in order to improve your Page Ranking on SERPs. Even the slightest bad link connected to your PR can degrade your rank and move it from top to bottom. A page that is linked to many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page, then there is no support for that page therefore this shows us that you need links but good ones who can improve the quality of your page and can create a strong backup support.

reason of pr going down-annzo corporation

There are several things that can cause drop in Page Rank of your page, the experts at Annzo Corp. are willing to give their dedication in order to explain you in detail how and what tactics you need to apply to order to improve your reputation. Loss of links to the homepage or any part of the site can decrease your PageRank and important sites that link to you lose some of their links and thus have less PR to pass on to you.Annzo Corp. experts suggest you several ways in which you can drive your PR high and meet your expectations. It a rhythm they you have to follow and exercise regularly to keep your algorithm balanced because Google periodically recalibrate PageRank.

Here are several ways suggested by Annzo corporation’s professional to how to improve your PageRank:

  • Submit articles with your website link to article directories.This method will give a lot of backlinks and traffic.
  • Take your time,research and write useful content and you will see that other bloggers will link naturally to your post and professional Local SEO such as Annzo Corp. are willing to give you their time on how to write appealing content to web surfers.
  • Bookmark your content in social bookmarking websites.
  • Sponsor or buy custom word press themes and give them away for free.Submit them to word press themes directories,you will have a link in footer of every blog that uses that theme.
  • You can also translate word press plugins to your native language to get more backlinks.Tip: Get a PageRank 6 backlink wordpress.org by translating a plugin in a language that nobody did it before.
  • Add you link in signature or profile and be active on dofollow forums.Tip: Create a wordpress.org account,add your link to your profile and be active on wordpress and bb press forums and many pages are Page Rank 5 or 6.
  • Blog commenting – Probably the easiest and fastest way to get quality related backlinks.A guide about finding fresh blogs will easily help you to find blogs related to your niche, you can also search on Google there are plenty of blog directories or blogs lists.Submit your blog or site to quality web directories and blog directories.
  • Review websites or services that you liked there are good chances that you will get a link back.
  • Well probably these are best methods to increase your Page Rank and get some traffic to your site.Annzo Corporation is a Toronto based White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. Our SEO Experts provide Guaranteed Google top 10 ranking results to World Wide Clients. Annzo Local also provides local search optimization & Google Maps Listing services to clients all over USA & Canada. Our local SEO experts will bring our clients to the first page of Google.



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