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Google Maps Listing: How to Optimize Local Maps: AffectiveTechniques


Google Maps Listing

Annzo SEO: Do you want to adopt the most effective or best way to attract local customers towards your business? Or you are a local business who wants to increase your profitability and services by advertising without any cost which is as much as effective as advertising on other portals? Google maps listings is one of the most innovative and most profound way of marketing your business which can be done by any local business SEO strategy. Google maps listings allows you to create free advertisement of your services and manage your account to continually improve you Google maps SEO. Despite of being one of the easiest approach to search for maps, directions, and traffic loads it also give a great opportunity for local business owners to appear on the first page of Google by submitting their information on Google maps listings.

There are millions of people who search Google maps listings every day for different purposes. Almost 80% of search is done through Google 24 hours depending on the region and just for instance if your local business is pointed on Google maps listings in consumer locality, your business would be the first choice they wanted to try for example if you have a business that caters local customers in your city, a free listing on Google maps makes it easy for them to find you or even attract customer outside of your range. When potential customers will search your business they can find your address, your hours of operation, your contact information for any of your queries and even photos of forefront and reviews depending how much you localize and optimize your business on Google maps listings. Not even that Google maps listings will also provide a proper detailed map and easy to follow directions to how to reach your business. It can also give a satellite view and a forefront view of your business or office, which is infect from a customer point of view, truly a customer satisfaction mark and a marketing tool which can amazingly provide your business profit and success.


Creating your local Google maps listings is done in a very easy and self-explanatory way by making an account with Google and optimizing your information on it. A proper business description and local information by pin pointing your business by proper address and information will do enough work to attract customers towards your business. There are a lot of opportunities given on Google maps listings to improve your profitability and accessibility to local consumers. There are five factors that can play a very vital role in improving your business strategy:

  1. 1.       Description on Google maps listings

This is one of the most important factors in your advertisement because customer do want to read a brief introduction of what you are offering in regards to customer satisfaction and what are your expertise, so make sure that you wisely fill in that 200 words space with some important key factors so it’s easy for them to search you.

  1. 2.       Five important categories:

You can claim up to five categories where your business can be listed, it’s very important to key in the correct affiliation which is related your services.

  1. 3.       Adding photos and video

This single factor can play a very big role in attracting the customers and having an image that your services does carry some weight and is more impressive than other competitions.

  1. 4.       Additional key factors

Additional information about your services can be affective as well in impressing and highlighting your business on Google maps listings such as if your business main service is hair cutters but in addition you also provide nail art or facial services you can add this information into your account.

  1. 5.       Dashboard

Google maps listing SEO also provides a spectrum of how well you are performing and where your searches are appearing on Google map listings. It can give you a guideline or a trend of where your keywords have been searched and clicked.

Google maps listings can play a very important role in your success because as much as it is very effective for a person in normal daily life to search for different localities and services including directions and maps at the same time it can play a very beneficial role in setting up your business towards prosperity.

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