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Annzo SEO: Fresh Keywords will hook the New Visitors

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Annzo SEO: Have a problem with I have not run into many website owners in the phase keyword research SEO campaign is that they are reluctant to incorporate new keywords into the mix. Have a core list of 10 keywords they want to rank well for and I want to know is why these keywords may not be targeted on each page of the site. Certainly more times these keywords are used, the better, right? Here’s the thing, of course, you can target whatever words you want on any website but if the content does not back them up, you don’t get too far. Search engines look at the site as a whole, not just keywords in Meta tags. If you say that the most important thing for the site is “Apple” and the page is talking about “banana” exists and the site will not be effective.

Don’t be afraid to add new keywords to your site (as far as they are relevant to the content), even if they do not have the most searches. Long tail keywords may not look as impressive in a spreadsheet when compared to how much activity surrounds broad keywords, but this does not mean that they may not be very useful. On the one hand, the search engines by using long tail keywords are much more targeted visitors and more likely is further along in their buying cycle. Long tail keywords are in fact a form of the qualifications of a potential client. If someone finds your website by long tail keywords can be quite confident that they are kind of client is finding your website.


Secondly, just because a keyword has low monthly search, it does not mean that they can have a positive impact on Your development visitor over time. Let’s say, that through the course of the selection process of the keyword that incorporate additional 40 key (new) throughout the site. Even if each of those keywords only brings 5 new visitors to your site every month, an additional 200 targeted visitors each month. During the year there will be an uptick 2400 new users, only with these long tail keywords! Visitor growth aside, imagine what online business can do with the extra 200, visitors to highly targeted and savvy each month!

Another problem the owners run into when conducting keyword research is that they think that they will have to get it right the first time. There is no rule against going back and redoing the keyword research in the framework of the exercise pages (if you have given them enough time to gather some data). This is where your Google Analytics account can come in handy. Not just to see how many visitors each keyword is to bring to your site, you can also see what words are not actively targeting that are the driving force behind the movement.

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Annzo SEO is a Toronto based White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. Our SEO Experts provide Guaranteed Google top 10 ranking results to World Wide Clients. Annzo SEO also provides local search optimization & Google Maps Listing services to clients all over USA & Canada. Our local SEO experts will bring our clients to the first page of Google.


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