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Annzo Corp: Is Facebook Marketing Good or Not?

Annzo Corp: Let me say that the social media marketing is a very important part of each inbound marketing campaign. Next to the SEO and Social Media Marketing, content marketing helps build your brand presence online in General, combines the company’s new and interested consumers and strengthens your body industry and more. No doubt, Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla of network social world and should be incorporated into any business social media marketing plan one way or the other.

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But in the last year or so I’ve noticed a growing trend when it comes to Facebook marketing — companies give their Facebook profile a lot of “face time” on all of its platforms, TV commercials, radio ads and print ads invite consumers how company on Facebook; websites publish large banners “find us on Facebook” on prime real estate and marketing campaigns are built with the aim of obtaining more Facebook fans. Although I think it’s great that so many companies are invested in a strong social position, then you should be aware that each time you promote your Facebook page is Facebook, which could reap the greatest benefits in the long term, not necessarily the company. If you’re not careful, Facebook marketing Facebook markets only!

In my opinion, Facebook is not the place to trade; people don’t go to Facebook with the intention to buy. They go to work with their friends, post funny videos or breaking news, upload photos from their family vacation, plan parties and so on. Although Facebook is doing everything possible to become a one-stop-online-shop for users is still in most of the social networking site. If you promote a Facebook page, are encouraging the audience to check out Facebook INSTEAD of coming to your site. Facebook is one that benefits from all of your traffic!

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Think of it like this — Let’s say that someone listen to your call to action and search for your business on Facebook. When they are on the Facebook page, where they go from there? Of course you can click on to your website or blog (in order to complete the marketing campaign any Facebook), but there are literally dozens of other links on Your Facebook page, you can take your brand. Never mind the fact that their own profile and the page is just a click away, Facebook also puts ads in the sidebar on a page. Can be a advertising your competitors! The last thing any site wants to do is send your targeted customers over to the competition.

Now I’m not saying companies should be discontinued, promoting their Facebook profiles altogether. About social presence is the key to success on the Internet today, and of course you want to make sure that the audience knows where you can find, connect, and interact with brands online. However I am suggesting that site owners take a good hard look at their Facebook marketing tactics. In order to complete should never be the only “get more fans.” You want to use your Facebook profile as a gateway for sending more qualified visitors through the site. Do not turn on Facebook to the final destination, otherwise Facebook collects all the benefits when you do all the work.

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