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Annzo Corp: Factors of Visitors Trending Downwards


Annzo Corp: No one wants to see the lowering of visitors on its website. After all the point of SEO is lead more traffic to your site, right? While fluctuations from day to day are had to happen, if you notice a downward trend (I like to look at three months worth of data) in your number of guests here are four things to consider:


1. Search Volume is Down

If people simply did a search using the keyword search than it is completely legitimate to see a downward trend in the visitors. For example, a company that sells Christmas decorations probably sees huge jumps in traffic, starting in October (maybe even a little earlier), but that the movement disappears, but on 26 December. Why? Because after Christmas people just not looking for Christmas ornaments as they were in previous weeks. You can still get a decent amount of traffic from people looking for deals post-Christmas live, that you want to stock up for next year, but that number is likely to be much less than the visitor trends that you see.

traffic analyst annzo corp

This does not mean SEO does not work, it’s just a sign that the seasonality is in play! Take a look at your analysis of the last two years or more; There was a similar decline at the same time, in recent years? If searches down due to the seasonality is bound to reflect the downward trend in visitors.


2. If you can withdraw at any your SEO efforts?

Another reason for which visitors may be trending down is if you put the stick SEO campaign. SEO is a long term and ongoing process; just because you reach the desired spot in search engines or daily Guest count takes place, it doesn’t mean your work! If you reeled blogs back from post daily to post once a week, it makes sense that users are trending downwards, because there is too much content to drive them on the page. If you stop actively building links site may slip a few sites in the SERPs because competition is still building links and crossed the site. SEO requires continuous attention and you get out of it what you put in if you do not want visitors trends down, that should keep it!


3. If the end of a major advertising campaign?

This can have a significant impact on the number of branded the visitors to your site. If you been advertising heavily online, posting many press releases and i get a lot of coverage of online news sources and bloggers to your brand is everywhere. Remember, your name and look for the right clients. But when these brand and advertising efforts, what brand movement is required to swim, which looks like a visitors overall are trending downward pull. Already seen this happen with powerful brands, and when their branded visitors count slips has a huge impact on their overall visitor trends. In some cases, organic visitors remained the same (or even gone up) but since visitors brand represented a large percentage of their total traffic, it looked a lot worse than it was.


4. Is your website penalized?

If your site has been penalized not you’re going to see visitors trending down in most cases. Chances are, you’ll lose 50 +% of the traffic on the night from the penalty. If this happens, the first thing you want to check is that the analytics code is still properly installed on your site. I can’t tell you how many times I spoke with the client panicked only to learn three days later that the author accidentally deleted the code from their site. If the code is still working properly, you should check whether the loss of motion coincides with the algorithmic update. If not, check your Google Webmaster Tools account any error messages manual penalty.

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