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Content Development Always Have to be Hard

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Annzo Corporation: Note – It is not! Most retailers struggle with creating content. Or do not have the time, feel that their niche is too boring, or do not know what to say to make their company stand out. But I’m living proof that content creation is not as difficult as you think it is! I run a small business, but we managed to publish 03/02 blog on the two blogs every day, we send content to other sites we have created a list of guest blogs from the agreements and put together a company newsletter that goes out several times a week. I do not have 10 marketing staff person to help me do it, but it happened every day. You can too!

If you want to make content creation easier to get rid of the bureaucracy.

Many marketers are great (or at least good) writers, it kind of goes with the territory. However, not everyone will understand the marketer trying to sell products, especially highly complex technological systems, as well as the person who built it. And while technology engineer may know how to back hands, do not sell the know-how to create content that will help sell it, both teams have to work together. Normally this works fine, the marketing team types of brains and tech team creates content that is both highly informative yet easy to understand their buyers. But sometimes, having many branches involved in the creation of content means adding a few more layers of bureaucracy. Now every piece of content has to be approved, not only from the marketing team, but the product manager and engineering, as well. Or the sales team wants to review it, because they deal with customers day by day. Each time a piece of content goes to get approved, it is associated with several changes back and the whole process begins again. Suddenly, content creation, content is much more complicated than it needs to be!

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It is necessary to minimize the amount of bureaucracy that could stop their marketing efforts on the content network. Decide who really needs to see / review / approve the content and create a set of command. This chain of command may be different for different projects to create content. For example, the Product Manager should be consulted on the product page on the new website and a team of engineers will definitely come in handy when working on a white paper, but not everyone has to sign up for weekly blog? There are enough external factors working against you and your long-term success of SEO, do not let internal problems to even more!

Creating content will help drive your SEO and Social Media Marketing to the front, so it is necessary that the ball rolling as soon as possible to improve the process. When creating content stops and starts real hard to build momentum. Organizing process, the wrong hands with her, and you will find creating content is much easier than you think!


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