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SEO is More Powerful than Social Media


Annzo Corporation: Some owners have a hard time understand that when it comes to SEO and social media marketing, does not have to be one or the other. In fact, marketing campaigns online use social media with SEO, to succeed. However, every now and then I hear a blogger by recommending the company to dump all their time/money/energy in social media marketing and forget about SEO. (SEO is dead after all, right?) But resignation to social media marketing, SEO is not the road and puts its presence around the Internet at risk.


Here are 3 reasons why social media marketing may not replace SEO:


1. Do not have social profiles.

I did a comparison before, but I think it is important to mention that again. Think of Facebook as the Apartment complex and is just one of the many apartments within the company. May be renting the space, but the true owner is Facebook. If you do not comply with their terms (or lease) shall have the right to shut down. Imagine if running up one morning to find that the Facebook page has been permanently removed. If the entire online presence is built around your profile Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and or site you are risking losing everything.


Do not have your profile on Facebook, Facebook is doing. Every link you can build on Facebook every time to drive users to check Facebook Page Facebook benefits of your hard work. Social media marketing campaign actually helps Facebook! When you send someone over on the Facebook page, there are a million and one other links, right there on your profile that are stealing from the target group. You do not have control over what ads Facebook shows, so you may end up advertising competitors! At least on its own page it’s about brand and are less disturbed.


2. Social networking sites come and go.

Anyone remember MySpace? For some time it was the hottest, the largest social networking site around. Now it’s just a blip on the stage of social networks. Social media marketing is still relatively young and new social networks are popping up every day during those older explore slowly disappear. You don’t want to risk, putting all the online of eggs in one basket, when the basket may not be there tomorrow. Even Facebook, the 800-pound gorilla of social networking sites, has a specific life cycle. Your website is something of their own and will be around as long as you want to be. While social networking sites can come and go, the Internet itself is not going anywhere for a long time.


3. People do not use social networking sites, Search.

In my opinion, Facebook and Twitter are not places of trade. People don’t go on Facebook to do serious research/information gathering before making a purchase. Do people reach for their social networks for opinion and advice? Absolutely! But it is only one element of the whole process. Social media marketing, helps give the brand voice and allows you to interact with your target audience, but the real meat of the brand and products still lives on his company’s website. Most people will not dig through months of status updates to find one piece of information — I’ll head to the search engines.

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