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Always Choose Business Oriented Keywords – The Buying Cycle Guide

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Annzo Corporation: Well, two companies cannot have the exactly the same buying cycle. Software for companies may be buying cycle 9 + months whilst they average buying cycle for a site that sells dog food can only be 4 days. Is it usually depends on the complexity of the product and cost of product (combined with a consumer will buy). The more expensive a product/service is typically longer cycle purchase because it represents a greater financial investment on the part of the audience.

As a potential client moves through their buying cycle, from the research, gathering just before they pull the trigger, the likelihood of their conversion goes up. It is important to note that the farther along in the cycle of purchase potential client is more long tail keywords that you will use to search for information. For example, “digital camera” gets 1.5 million searches each month, “Nikon digital camera” gets 90,500 searches and “nikon waterproof camera” Gets a 6600. Of course, 6600 search is a drop in the bucket compared to the “digital camera”, but someone searching using the “waterproof camera Nikon” is much closer to conversion.

Of course the most profitable visitors to your site are the ones that are ready to buy right then and there, but this does not mean that you should not try to drive visitors that are simply by typing in their buying cycle to your site. The trick is to select keywords that work with every stage of the purchase cycle, so site appeals to the broadest possible audience.


When someone is simply study their options, say that they want to buy a new digital camera; chances are that you will jump from site to site by reading customer reviews, compare features and specification reports, checking out popular blogs for professional photographers opinion or maybe watching a video that shows off the features of several cameras. They want to gather as much information as possible, so they can make the best purchase decision. Although the camera $ 350 may not wear the price tag of some B2B products, such as software systems or machines, it is still a big investment for consumers. They want to know that they are getting the best possible camera to their budget. Potential customers are likely to search using keywords such as “top 10” digital cameras “or” camera comparison chart. ” They want Reviews, worksheets and other reliable information that will have an impact on their decision. You want to target keywords (and content) on your website to accurately reflect this hunt for knowledge.

How to move consumers through their purchase cycle behavior changes their search. For more detailed information that they are looking for. Now they want information about the “top 10 DSLRs Nikon” or “Waterproof cameras Canon”. You may not know exactly what they want, but they are starting to get a pretty good idea. Keywords and content must begin to answer to the needs of the purchasing cycle. What makes the product is better than the competition? What unique to solve it? Can your product can do something that consumers do not realize, was the problem, until I pointed out to her! This would be the perfect time to create a few instructions or Demonstration videos (optimized for SEO of course!) demonstrating the value of the product.

When you can pull customers to your website early in the process of purchase, is no guarantee that you will be the final seller, what to choose, but creates the first touch point that could lead to sales! No matter how they find a site that you want to give your customers the information you are looking for and give them a reason to return.

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