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No Need To Build Links, If You Have Great Content

Annzo Corporation: Few days back I was reading a post on a blog, the author talked about Google update Panda, which was first rolled out late last year and took on the sides with a thin and low quality content, scrappers and spam blogs. Link building tactics like article spinning, blog commenting on spamming, the purchase of existing domains and posting content with links to your website could easily churn out dozens, if not hundreds of links, with just a handful of content overall and boring. As others pointed out, “it is much easier to build links with the content of the paragraph, as you do not expect anyone to read it.”Great Content from annzo corporation

But here’s the thing — links should be the byproduct of content marketing. Extremely valuable by-product for sure, but if you write exclusively in order to obtain a link somewhere is missing the thesis content marketing. Really great content marketing focuses on creating content, useful information and engaging, designed to educate your target audience. What information must? What questions do they have answers? As your expertise to help them solve their problems? Content marketing should establish your brand as a trusted authority in your niche, it solutions or dog walking. It is only when you have built the trust of customers by consistently useful content that could count on Your marketing content to attract links and not just build them.

What is the difference between attracting and link building links?

While the active link building is an essential component of any SEO campaign, natural link building is equally important. Natural link building is exactly what it sounds like — it happens naturally. Do not set out to get a link from this and that, but the owner of that site gave you, much as I’m linking to the aforementioned blog. Extremely interesting that a piece of content. I’m sure that the author hopes that this happens when he worked on his post, but don’t send me email asking me to promote his post; I found it naturally and associated with it simply because I thought it was a great content. This is how snap links works! Building links usually requires a little pushing from your site. For example, you may reach the Blogger, asking them to review your new product online or submit a press release to the paid distribution site. Actively seek links.link building annzo corporation seo company

Again there is nothing wrong with actively seeking out links, but great content must be able to stand on their own two feet and getting links on the basis of its own merits. Should it promote? Absolutely! Even the best content you can use a little push in the right direction and get help finding by the audience, but good content should be able to make a few links on your own, even if it’s something as simple as a reTweet.social media content strategy annzo corporation

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