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How to Fix a Search Engine Penalty?

Annzo Corporation: The very first step for you is to confirm whether bulk link building or search engine algorithm caused penalty to your website. For example, update the Google algorithm change was the Penguin, so if organic traffic visiting your site dropped off at or just after April 24, 2012, a good change, because algorithmic penalty. Manual penalty means someone (human labor) in Google reviewed your site and decided to impose penalties to your site in particular. It happened to JCPenney on their site got penalty for buying links.Annzo Corporation - How to Fix a Search Engine Penalty

Why is it important to determine if your penalty was Textbook action or as a result of changes to the algorithm? Because how do you go about solving two very different! Sites that suffer from a manual penalty you can submit form to reconsider, after already addressed, which led them to being penalized in the first place (e.g. buying links). Reconsideration does not guarantee immediate recovery, because employee Google has manually check your actions and see if your site deserves to be “un-got penalized.” If you failed to properly address the issue (say, that thought it was a problem of content instead of paid links) this penalty will not be abolished.

Recovery of algorithmic penalty may be a bit harder, because it is not so easy to pinpoint exactly where you may have gone wrong. For example, the Penguin targeted sites with poor quality links, profiles, using the exact equivalent of the anchor text and other web spam tactics. How can you be sure what you owe? Annzo Corp’s advice to owners of sites that have been negatively affected by the update algorithm is to make one change at a time and then see what happens. For example, you can start from the portfolio link. Visit each inbound link and determine whether or not it is a valuable link, one that is to be associated with the site; If then there is add it to another list and slowly work to remove these, over time (perhaps 5-10 months). At the same time you want to start replacing these low quality links quality so as to tip the scales in your favour.

Annzo Corporation have done numerous audits of SEO for website owners in the years who suffer from penalties and are always in a hurry to implement all the changes all at once, thinking that it will help them more quickly bounce back. The reason for which you want to make one change at a time, so you can check what is and what is not working. If you make too many changes at once and something goes wrong as you will know, where change is innocent? You also may not be sure how the search engines are going to respond to a lot of changes at once, so it is best to run slowly back to recovery.

How to Fix a Search Engine Penalty - Annzo Corporation

The hardest thing about solving algorithmic penalty is that you have to wait. To a search engine issue update refresh and re-crawl sites that do not fully recover. Annzo Corporation hope that your efforts will help you slowly build to put the loss of traffic and rankings, but don’t expect to reflect 100% until the next update of the algorithm comes down the pipeline.

Annzo Corporation is a Toronto based White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. Our SEO Experts provide Guaranteed Google top 10 ranking results to World Wide Clients.


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